Walco 350 INC

 Your folder or tabber can now be run inline with the rest of your equipment thanks to the 350INC.  With one simple adjustment, the infeed end of this machine can be adjusted to meet the outfeed end of your folder or tabber.  The outfeed end is stationary, resulting in an inclined ramp for your product to be transported onto a standard height addressing machine.


Quick and Easy Setup

Non-Proprietary Components

Variable Speed Transport

Adjustable Belts & Guides        

Uncompromising Drivetrain

Large Diameter Steel Shafts

Steel Drive Pulleys

12″ Wide Steel Rollers

Sealed Shaft Locking Collar Bearings


Turn Direction: Left or Right
Material Size: Min. 5″L x 3″W – Max 8.5″W x 11″L
Material Thickness: Up To 1/2″ Standard

Please click the link below to view PDF file

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