Hurricane 775

The New Hurricane Feeder/Accumulator Folder is the most Innovative Feeder system to appear in the Intelligent Document workplace. With the new “Ground-Breaking” technology using a knife folder to create the first fold, it makes the Hurricane the most unique design in the Finishing marketplace. The Hurricane is a patented new concept for feeding/accumulating/folding documents. This machine surpasses any previous or current predecessors, with its ease of setup and no adjustment needed for feeding of 1- 12 sheets in letter fold, and 1- 20 sheets in half fold. The intelligent reading capabilities also make this machine a very easy decision for your workplace, reading of the popular intelligent codes, OMR, 3 of 9, 2D, 128 and more, so there is no reason to worry about what your customer may be using for intelligence. “You Have It Covered”! Your operator will also find this machine to be an ease to operate day after day; no speeds changes to accomplish, no folder Roller adjustments, 4 plate folder to accomplish any fold, and most of all its Quiet, operating with the lowest decibels in the business