Barracuda Bro

Introducing “THE BARRACUDA” Mail Inserting System from Profold Inc., the first “NEW” innovative solution in years.  The BARRACUDA addresses decades of unfulfilled production promises, exorbitant maintenance costs, and lengthy set-up time.

The patented BARRACUDA inserting system provides a scalable system to meet the needs of small mail shops to large service providers. Configurable from entry level, with 2 inserting stations, to nearly unlimited expansion and all field upgradeable. This revolutionary approach to envelope inserting removes the need for set up when envelope sizes change and practically eliminates jams. The high capacity auto-load feeders reduce operator intervention saving time, money and labor. Understanding the high cost of ownership involved with inserters, the BARRACUDA novel design has significantly fewer moving parts and is calculated for serviceability; enabling an extraordinary reduction in cost of ownership.

Scalable up to 48 Insert Stations

13,000+ Stuffed Envelopes Per Hour

Eliminate Lengthy Setup Times

Expanded Insert Capacity

Significantly Lower Maintenance Cost

Eliminates Empty Envelopes

Servo Drive

Envelope Vacuum Shuttle Feed with Pile Height Sensor  Open Feed Station

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Baracuda Data Sheet 8.5 x 11 mailtech