Aurora System

Equipped with Renoir UV curable inks, this state of the art system is perfect for imaging onto the widest variety of substrates including coated paper, plastics and even metal, all at high speeds. Dry time and versatility aren’t very useful without exceptional print quality. The Aurora UV inkjet system produces sharp, crisp, dark images at resolutions up to 660 DPI without the use of volatile and harmful chemicals found in other inks.

Buskro’s BK750 UV curing station completes the solution. Built in security features and UV light shielding have been incorporated to provide the highest level of safety for users and our unique design allows for quick and easy lamp repositioning to optimize curing conditions. Impress customers with amazing, durable impressions at predictably high production speeds!


 From 1- 24 weve got you covered

 Produces crisp sharp images on the widest range of substrates

 UV curable inks

 Cures on coated stocks, plastics and metal

 Balanced ink formulation for good flexibility