Apollo HP System

Stop Starting Over! This combination of BK705 Controller and Apollo print heads provides a ready-to-use solution for a wide range of mail and print applications from simple to sophisticated. It is truly the easiest path to a complete mailing solution.

The Apollo Ezejet will also handle Read & Print applications with an optional camera system. This HP technology gives you a high image quality at a low system cost and puts advanced personalized printing at your disposal. These solutions are created from our powerful and flexible system controllers which deliver easy-to-use, error-free job and print contol with Compose IQ Control

Software along with our dependable inline and offline transport bases.


 Print heads available in 1″ to 4″ vertical print

 Affordable, modular, upgradeable design

 Dark, crisp images, up to 660 x 600 dpi

 300 FPM or more depending on resolution

 Variety of inks available for spot color,   porous and aqueous-coated substrates

 Simple maintenance and ink cartridge replacement

 Rotated print, graphics and barcodes for inline or perpendicular print orientation

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