2500/5100 Series

Enjoy expanded print freedom and produce ever-larger continuous print images with the new 2500/5100 series array printheads, available in varying print resolutions of 200, 300 or 400 DPI vertically.

Choose from the entry-level BK705 or high-end BK1710 inkjet controllers.

Combine one or more of these printheads to specify a print system that is right for your budget and meets your printing needs. Capable of up to 20″ of vertical print in one controller, handling even the most demanding jobs at speeds up to 4.6 m/s.

These printheads are equipped with Buskro’s TrueFlow ink management system, which combines a simplified ink path and proven ink delivery that allows ink to flow effortlessly and efficiently to the print modules to produce quick start-ups, maintain print sustainability, and ensure rapid jet recovery.

The 2500/5100 series print heads are compatible with solvent (Cezanne/Monet) and UV-curable (Renoir) inks, tailored to meet varying substrate requirements; truly making this solution one of the most versatile products offered in the inkjet printing industry today.


 2.55(65 mm)/5.10 (130 mm) Print swath

 Available vertical DPI – 200, 300 & 400

 Improved shield for superior head protection

 Quick release mechanism for easy access and maintenance

 Supported with BK705, 1705, and 1700 series controllers

 Compatible with a variety of inks… UV curable & solvent

 Combines with existing BUSKRO Inkjet systems and technologies

 Optimal maintenance station

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2500 Series Printhead Sell Sheet mailtech

Inkjet_Aurora 2500-5100 MAILTECH